Glenn Duker – Lawyer & Solicitor in Melbourne

When you need the services and advice of an experienced lawyer in Melbourne, particularly in the areas of property and business law, call on the expertise of solicitor Glenn Duker. Specialising in everything from business sales, purchases and expansions through to providing qualified legal advice on all residential and commercial property matters, you can trust Glenn to offer his detailed expertise and knowledge.

Trusted Legal Advice Across a Range of Fields

Whether you’re a business owner, a home owner or neither, Glenn Duker lawyer and solicitor can provide you with trusted legal advice across a variety of areas. Make an appointment if you need assistance with:

Sale or Purchase of Business

Buying or selling a business can involve a lot of paperwork and red tape. Glenn Duker can help take the stress out of that part of the transaction, helping you with everything from the lease of the premises to transfer of intellectual property, compulsory acquisition of land, restraint on seller after settlement has occurred, and much more. We always act with your best interests in mind.

Leasing of Commercial Property

Glenn Duker can provide legal advice and representation for commercial leasing matters, whether you’re the tenant or landlord. Common issues or needs can include drafting the lease agreement, negotiating (and renegotiating) terms, and mediation between landlord and tenant should the agreement turn into dispute.

Employment Law

Speak to us about any employment related matters, whether you’re an employer or employee. We can assist with anything from drafting and renegotiating employment contracts to unfair dismissal claims and more.


Purchasing or selling a home in Melbourne? Glenn Duker can take the stress out of the documentation and legalities that comes with the process, ensuring the transaction is smooth and stress-free.


Glenn Duker is an experienced trademark lawyer who can assist you with everything from registering a trademark to providing representation in a dispute.


Lawyer Glenn Duker is an experienced litigator, and over many cases has represented both defendants and plaintiffs. As going to court is typically a costly and stressful process for both parties, we always aim for mediation as the first step. However, if that doesn’t work then we promise to fight for you every step of the way in court.


Drafting a will is one of the most important things you will do. To ensure that it is legally binding and that your wishes will be carried out as you have stated in your will, it is wise to speak to an experienced estate lawyer who can make sure the document is airtight and provides no grounds for challenge. Glenn Duker, solicitor, can give you the necessary legal advice you need, whether you’re drafting your will for the first time or making a revision.

Probate Law

When a loved one passes away, dealing with their possessions and assets is possibly the last thing you will want to do. You’ll want an experienced probate lawyer who can treat this tough time of yours with sensitivity. Glenn Duker will be able to assist you with everything from obtaining a grant of probate or letter of administration to providing representation should the departed’s estate be challenged by another party.

When you need quality representation or legal advice on any of the above fields, book a meeting with Glenn Duker in Melbourne today by calling 1300 907 335.